I need a dentist to replace my missing teeth


Here at Spa Dentist Parramatta, we understand that it can be very difficult if you have missing teeth. Lots of people who experience this problem feel self-conscious about the fact that they have gaps in their teeth. For some, it is more of an inconvenience to have missing teeth because it can cause problems with eating, drinking, and even speaking. Perhaps you’ve got a missing tooth because you sustained an injury to your mouth, or maybe you’ve got an upcoming extraction planned, and you’re looking at ways of replacing those teeth. If that’s you, one thing to consider might be treatment with dental implants.

Our dentist in Parramatta will need to thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth before advising you about which treatments might be appropriate for your needs. Upon examining your mouth, our dentist might suggest that treatment with dental implants could be a way forward for you. Of course, there are situations where dental implants wouldn’t be an appropriate choice, and if that is the case for you, we will advise you of this after examining your mouth.

Dental implants

So what are dental implants? The term ‘dental implants’ refers to a form of dental replacement, which is made up of three different components. Each component has its function. For example, the implanted screw functions in a very similar way to an actual tooth root; it provides an anchor for the rest of the replacement tooth by screwing into the jaw bone. In circumstances where patients have experienced facial trauma that has affected the structure or strength of their jawbone, dental implants can be a good option because the implanted titanium screw can heal the jawbone and, therefore, prevent further bone loss.

The second component of the dental implant is the abutment, a metal rod which our dentist in Parramatta would insert into the implanted screw. After the abutment has been placed into the screw, the visible dental prosthetic (false tooth) can be attached to it.

Depending on how many teeth are required to be replaced and their locations in your mouth, we recommend a couple of options for the replacement. If you are missing a single tooth, our dentist in Parramatta will most likely recommend that you have a crown as your replacement. If you have multiple teeth missing in a row, it might be more appropriate to use a denture with multiple teeth using one implanted screw as an anchor for those teeth. If multiple teeth are missing in different locations and not next to each other, you could go for individual crowns fixed in those locations.

If you’re missing all your teeth and wondering what your options might be, we encourage inquiring about dental implants because entire dental arches can be replaced using dental implants. In these situations, just a few implanted screws can be used, and a full arch of false teeth can be fixed in place.

To book an appointment with us to discuss dental implants and how treatment for you would look, please give us a call.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.